Kiara Nowlin
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Kiara Elizabeth Nowlin


November 27th 1995

Birth Place

Oxnard, California, USA


Flyer, Side Base, Lead Tumbler

Associated teams and athletes

Cali Smoed, Cali Coed, CheerForce Simi Valley, USA National Junior Power Tumbling Team, USA National Junior Double Mini Trampoline Team, JumpStart National Trampoline Team, JumpStart National Tumbling Team, T&T Region 2, Wallers GymJam Academy, Baylor University Acrobatics and Tumbling Team, Robert Scianna, Gabi Butler

Years active



Kiki, Keeks

Kiara Nowlin was an elite cheerleader and is currently on the Acrobatics and Gymnastics team at Baylor University.

Kiara was a featured cheerleader on the series Cheerleaders when she was the main tumbler and squad veteran of the California Allstars team Cali Smoed based out of Ventura, California. She has also been featured on the Steve Harvey Show and the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The daughter of Todd and Monique Nowlin, Kiara landed her first back handspring at 2 and a half years old. She began All-Star cheerleading aged four.

Competitions Edit

Tumbling and TrampoliningEdit

Kiara has been competing since she was 10. Her early success was in tumbling; she always placed first or second (and second only once), whereas in trampolining she has placed 4th, 6th, and 7th as well as first.


During her time at CheerForce she always placed third. When she later joined the California Allstars, she repeated her tumbling triumph of repeat golds except on one occasion, a silver at the 2010 Worlds.

Kiara was on the CA Smoed 2013 Team - her final year cheerleading - that won Worlds back-to-back, the first small coed team to do so. However, this was her own personal third consecutive year winning at Worlds as she had been on a different California Allstars team in 2011 that had won their division.

Year Sport Team Competition Division Result
2006 Tumbling National Team U.S. Elite Challenge Open Age 1st
Cheerleading CheerForce Simi Valley Worlds Large Limited Co-ed Bronze
2007 Large Limited Co-ed
Tumbling National Team 11-12 years 1st
2008 Double Mini Trampoline Winter Classic Junior Division 4th
Tumbling 1st
U.S. Elite Challenge 2nd
Visa Championships 1st
Cheerleading CheerForce Simi Valley Worlds Small Girl Bronze
2009 Tumbling National Team Winter Classic Junior Division 1st
Visa Championships
Final Selection Event
Canada Cup
Worlds 13-14 years
Double Mini Trampoline 13-14 years
Visa Championships Junior Division
Canada Cup
Winter Classic 6th
Final Selection Event 7th
2010 Tumbling Worlds 15-16 years 1st
U.S. Elite Challenge Junior Division
Visa Championships
Cheerleading California Allstars Worlds Large Unlimited Co-ed Silver
NCA Nationals Grand Champion
2011 Grand Champion
Worlds Gold
2012 California Allstars Smoed Worlds Small Co-ed
NCA Nationals Grand Champion
2013 Worlds Gold